For over twenty years, the Riccoboni Holding Group has been constructing final disposal facilities for municipal and special waste, making sites and materials permanently safe, and restoring and/or expanding existing facilities. All of these projects require a high degree of expertise and professionalism if they are to be properly managed.

In order to design, engineer and bring these projects to fruition, the Group regularly collaborates with the foremost Italian specialists in the sector, so as to guarantee that every project we complete is safe and state-of-the-art.

The experience we have accrued in the environmental sector allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive service that covers every stage of each project, from inception to completion. Riccoboni Holding uses its own resources and personnel to design and engineer, to perform excavations, to make watertight any pits and dug-out areas, to construct leachate and biogas collection systems and rainwater drainage systems, and to construct surficial capping systems as part of the final sealing process it performs for tanks that have reached the end of their useful lives.

For over a decade, the Group has also directly managed stationary systems and sanitary landfills for third-party customers.