Eni – The Sanazzaro de’ Burgondi Refinery

Full-Service Environmental Solutions

The refinery in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi (Pavia) has been in operation since the 1970s. Thanks to progressive technological improvements, today it has a processing capacity of 10 million tons of crude per year. It covers 320 hectares in the municipalities of Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi and Ferrera Erbognone and boasts one of Europe's highest conversion capacities.

Since 2004, Riccoboni SpA has been managing this facility’s waste as part of a Full-Service Environmental Solutions agreement. The responsibilities this entails have changed progressively over time. The company's first task was the closure of a landfill; it then went on to manage the facility’s internal waste treatment systems. It is currently responsible for handling sludge centrifugation and disposal processes.

The service consists of operating the systems for recovering the hydrocarbon fractions produced by the plant’s processes and a physical and chemical treatment plant for refinery waste. Specifically, the system for recovering the hydrocarbon fractions consists of two centrifuges and an ARI system consisting of a preliminary separator with a screw screen and sedimentation and oil separation tanks. The waste treatment system consists of two mixers.

The management of waste generated during the course of the treatment process, the operational management of the internal non-hazardous waste tip, and the handling and off-site transportation of ash (packed into big-bags) from the refinery gasification plant are all part of the activities Riccoboni manages directly.

Approximately 300 thousand cubic metres of slurry underwent centrifugation during the time period in question.