Herambiente – The Ravenna Waste Disposal Site

Construction and Management of Plants and Facilities
From 2001 to 2012, on behalf of Herambiente, Riccoboni SpA managed a multi-purpose hub for sludge treatment and inertisation at the non-hazardous waste tip on Via Romea Nord in Ravenna. The service consisted of operating treatment plants for oil-based and water-based sludge, in which we were able to filter press and inertise approximately 250 thousand and 800 thousand tons, respectively.

The job was performed by means of the operated rental of equipment suitable for supplementing the site’s own basic sludge treatment and dewatering equipment, using filter pressing and inertisation processes for water-based and oil-based sludge and refuse, organic sludge and other liquid waste consigned to the facility.

A pre-treatment process, in special ponds for surface impoundment, allowed us to combine liquid waste with lime in order to solidify it and enable it to be subsequently filter pressed. Once the treatment was complete, the solid waste product was sent to landfill. The water resulting from the filter pressing process was treated in a special plant, then sent for final purification.

On the hub premises, Riccoboni was directly responsible for managing: two mixers with reagent dosing systems, three filter presses complete with sludge conditioning lines, a chemical/physical treatment system, storage tanks for the sludge awaiting treatment and storage bays for the filter cakes.